Monday, July 13, 2009

The Ren Faire Is Coming! The Ren Faire Is Coming!

It all started at the Ren Faire last year. Upon our wanderings we came upon the massive tent that has costumes for sale. He saw one of those poet style shirts that he had to have. I looked at the price and put my foot in my mouth by saying, "For that price I can whip up full costumes for both of us."
Now granted I had a sewing machine and a spool of thread and a needle...I think. I knew that I would have to increase my skill level greatly in order to accomplish these costumes. I started small with simple tote bags and pouches and moved onto elaborate things like wallets, purses overnight bags, diaper bags, etc. The problem was, none of these were things you wear. Over the period of a year I learned techniques, fabrics, how to read and use patterns, and how to use "must have" tools. My mom also "upgraded" my sewing machine by giving me a Bernina Vertuosa 153 that she bought that she never used because she really wanted the embroidery one. I gladly took it and passed on my plastic one to my mother-in-law who has been (trying) to used the same sewing machine she got when she was 16 (she made some beautiful baby quites for my sister-in-law on it. I decided that since I was not taking any summer classes I was going to take the plunge.
I wanted to go to Joann's fabric, but the closest one to where I live is an hour away and I was going to need quite a bit and some patterns (I had the basic idea of what I wanted in my head), so I decided to take a road trip to see my family 3 hours away that way I can go shopping with my mom. I happened to go over 4th of July weekend at Joann had some insane sales! I got all the patterns, fabric and extra notions I needed for $68 (the reciept said I saved $104!)! Which happens to be less money than that dreaded shirt at the faire last year.
Brian wanted to a ranger/archer type of costume that was black and green so I came up with this:
Forgive the silver pin, it is holding the belt up onto the vest and keeping the vest closed. He has green scrub pants and boots to wear with it. All he needs now is the bow and quiver.
Now onto mine. After much frustration and headaches I finished mine. Most of it is modified from the original patterns (except the corset). The shirt is the same pattern as the green one above, but I increased the length of the split in the front (cleavage you know) and omitted the elastic in the end of the sleeves and left them open for a more feminie look:And here is the shirt with the corset: And now the skirt. It is a dual layered one. The pattern originally had ties attatched to keep the overskirt up, but it made the whole thing too heavy, so I took them off and opted for a stratigically placed skirt pin:

I swear everything is has an even hem, it is just the way that it sits on the hangars that make them look wonky. I will post pictures of us fully gussied up after this weekend.

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